Tuition in Arizona

For families in Arizona, the state provides families with the option of a yearly education savings account (ESA) to help pay for private school tuition and other academic needs. In 2022-2023, the average expected ESA amount is $7,000 for students without special needs and over $15,000 for students with special needs. 


PECA tuition for 2022-2023 is set at just $7,000, so for most families in Arizona who apply for an EAS account, PECA could be free! Tuition can be paid at enrollment or in quarters at $1750 a quarter.


PECA is also bringing a physical school center to the Phoenix, Arizona area in Fall of 2023 with plenty of hands-on opportunities for project-based learning and in-person support. Tuition for the physical center in Phoenix is set at just $9,800 for 2023-2024. Income-based tuition reductions are also available, to bring tuition as close as possible to the ESA rate for families in need. 


It takes about 3 weeks to set up and fund a new ESA account. ESA applications are accepted year round and complete applications are processed by the state of AZ within 30 days of submission. ESA funds are distributed quarterly and funding begins the quarter that the ESA contract is signed.  For example, an ESA contract that is signed at any point in Q1, will receive Q1 funding, a contract signed in Q2, will receive Q2 funding, etc.

ESA Funding Quarters.png