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West Virginia

Fill out our low-income tuition reduction application to reduce tuition to just $4500 per year. In addition to using West Virginia's Hope Scholarship funds, your tuition could be fully covered.

Hope Scholarship

For families in West Virginia, the state provides families with state-allocated funds to customize their child's education. 

In 2023-2024, the average expected Hope Scholarship amount is $4,488 for students. 


The Academy's tuition for 2022-2023 is set at just $7,000, so for most families in West Virginia using the Hope Scholarship, more than half of the tuition can be funded by the state!

Pathways Early College Academy is dedicated to providing a high-quality education for families at an affordable tuition. The Academy is offering income-based tuition reductions for families in West Virginia. Tuition can be as low as $4500 per year. Please use the link below to apply.

Need Help Applying for the
Hope Scholarship?

Visit Love Your School to receive guidance on the application process.

Science Class


We are currently accepting students to our virtual school.  We offer rolling admission and accept applications year round.  Tuition for students starting midyear will be prorated.

West Virginia's Tuition

This graph compares The Academy's total tuition in 4 years, compared to the 8 year journey of students on traditional pathways in West Virginia.

Through West Virginia's Hope Scholarship and The Academy's income-based tuition reductions, enrollment with us could be as low as $170 per month.

The Academy's 4-Year Tuition (820 × 1080 px) (Instagram Post (Square)) (3).png
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