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College Coursework

Students at Pathways Early College Academy are expected to complete college coursework to work towards their college degree. Through a partnership with Pathways College, students can take college courses at no additional cost.

College Class

A Curriculum That Actually Matters


It’s what students ask when given assignments. And it’s what parents should ask when they see redundancy in their children’s high school curriculum. At most schools, students take four years preparing for college, only to get to college and spend another four to five years taking many of the same classes they completed in high school.

At PECA, we only focus on what matters - doing everything we can to set students up for success. That’s why all courses that our students take lead to college credit, career certificates, or transfer readiness. Students set their own pace as they take a combination of high school and college courses on the path to earning a college degree in 4-5 years.