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The Current State of Education

When you look at skyrocketing college tuition and the massive student debt crisis, it is clear that the way we currently do high school and college is unsustainable, inequitable, and unfair.

Rising Student Debt

Students in colleges and universities take an average of 4.5+ years to earn their Bachelor's degree, racking up thousands in student debt. With the rising costs of tuition nationwide, this will only continue to burden students seeking higher education.

Dwindling College Enrollment

Students are choosing to opt out of a college education because of doubt about the financial return of college and an awareness of other career training options outside of traditional degree programs.

Lack of Career Preparation

Most schools are still running outdated education models that don't get students ready for the workplace. This has remained largely unchanged for the past 100 years, despite advancements in teaching and curriculum.


Our Mission

With our revolutionary educational model our high school students can graduate in four to five years with both a diploma and a Bachelor's degree.

Whoever you are and wherever you are in your academic journey, you belong at

Pathways Early College Academy.

What Makes Us Unique

At The Academy, we are happy to lead the way in changing the educational landscape 

with our career symposiums, learning support, and college dual enrollment opportunities.

Virtual Setting

We are an online high school that currently accepts students in CA and AZ. We have an

in-person school opening in Phoenix, AZ in the near future.

Career Prep Symposiums

Students attend our symposiums to gain hands-on experience in industries like STEM, Art, and Business. Our symposiums blend the best of the Oxford Tutorial System with project-based learning.

Student Support Incubator

Students have access to support for academic planning, career coaching, and executive functioning skills that help set students up for success even after graduation.

Self-Paced Programs

Students work towards their goals at their own pace. Because of our individualized academic programs, students have the opportunity to take charge of their own learning along with our support to help them succeed.

Affordable Tuition

While private high school has traditionally been an unaffordable luxury for most families, we set our tuition far below the average. The total cost of all four years at the Academy is less than one year of private college tuition. Unlike other private schools, we are about accessibility, not exclusivity.

Certificates & Degrees

Students at Pathways Early College Academy are expected to complete college coursework to work towards their college degree. All courses that our students take lead to college credit, career certificates, or transfer readiness.

Interested in Enrolling?

Meet Our Principal to Learn More

Our Principal Alden is here to answer any of your questions about our academics, our programs, or anything you need! Please use the link below to book a meeting with him.

9_Alden_Kiertzner (large, square).jpg

Locations: California, USA and Arizona, USA

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