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Our Homeschool+ Program

At The Academy we deeply value parents and invite families to directly engage with what their children are learning. Homeschool families are invited to take part in our Homeschool+ program. 

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Our Curriculum

Parents have full access to The Academy and its programs. This includes access to our full curriculum as well as up to 12 college dual enrollment classes a year at our partner Pathways College.


With Homeschool+ parents can fully customize their own school program. We have full transparency with our curriculum so that you can see what’s taught and customize your unique homeschool program accordingly.


Students receive transcription services and counseling in transferring to their college of choice. They can also take part in our graduation ceremonies and travel opportunities that earn high school and college credit. 


Tuition for Homeschool+ is set at $7000 yearly. For students in Arizona, Homeschool+ could be free through the new expanded ESA program. 

If you have any questions about our Homeschool+ program and what it looks like for your family, please Contact Us.

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