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Get your tuition fully funded by applying to Arizona's Empowerment Savings Account (ESA). Our Arizona school tuition is set at $7,000, which can be fully covered by ESA funds. 

Our Arizona Homeschool+ tuition is set at $7,000, which includes access to our teachers, transcription services, and dual enrollment classes. If you wish to purchase individual classes to supplement your own curriculum, courses are set at $600 per class.


For families in Arizona, the state provides families with the option of a yearly education savings account (ESA) to help pay for private school tuition and other academic needs.

In 2022-2023, the average expected ESA amount is $7,000 for students without special needs and over $15,000 for students with special needs. 


The Academy's tuition for 2023-2024 is set at just $7,000, so for most families in Arizona who have an ESA account, tuition at The Academy could be free!


It takes about 3 weeks to set up and await approval for an ESA account. ESA applications are accepted year round and complete applications are processed by the state of AZ within 30 days of submission. ESA funds are distributed quarterly and funding begins the quarter that the ESA contract is signed.  For example, an ESA contract that is signed at any point in Q1, will receive Q1 funding, a contract signed in Q2, will receive Q2 funding, etc.

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Tuition can be paid in full at enrollment or on a quarterly basis, similar to the outlined above.

Need Help Applying for ESA?

Visit Love Your School to receive guidance on the application process.

Science Class


We are currently accepting students to our virtual school.  We offer rolling admission and accept applications year round.  Tuition for students starting midyear will be prorated.

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