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Student Incubator

High Standards Require Strong Support

Students attend daily 1:1 support meetings with teachers to ensure they have access to all of the resources they need to succeed.

Online Education

1:1 Teacher Appointments

When students meet one-on-one with their teachers, they have the opportunity to ask questions, receive personalized feedback, and discuss any challenges they may be facing in their coursework.

Small Class Sizes

Our 5:1 classes allow for more individualized instruction, enabling teachers to address students' unique needs and learning style, which can help students stay engaged and feel more connected to their online school community.

Online Tutorial
One-On-One Tutoring


By providing our students with access to high-quality tutoring resources, we can help support their academic success and ensure that they are prepared for college and future career opportunities.

Academic Guidance

Teachers work closely with students to develop academic plans, choose appropriate courses, and explore post-secondary education and career options. We help our students reach the futures they dream of.

Video Call
Online Class

Executive Functioning

Teachers work with students to identify areas of struggle and develop personalized strategies to help them overcome these challenges. This can include tools like time management apps, prioritization techniques, and study strategies that work best for the student.

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Take advantage of all of our support resources and watch your student thrive in their academic journey.

Student Outdoors
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