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Pathways College

The mission of Pathways College is to provide opportunities for students to realize their dreams by removing financial barriers in attaining a college education. The vision of Pathways College is to create a post-secondary choice for students who are underserved in our communities by providing a quality education that is personalized and accessible without generating the burden of debt to the student or their family. 


Through our partnership with Pathways College, our high school students are able to take the college courses that will give them a head start in their academic journeys. By participating in college coursework in high school, students have the opportunity to graduate high school with a BA degree or transfer their earned credits to the college of their choice. Pathways College has articulation agreements with universities like Arizona State University and University of Arizona to ensure that credits earned at Pathways College transfer seamlessly.

Get Educated By Traveling.

Pathways Travels

Pathways Travels  focuses on experiential learning by engaging students in critical thinking, problem solving and decision making through a process of learning by doing. These programs give students the opportunity to travel to various locations and earn credits while learning about the destinations they visit. For many of our students, traveling is not yet an option and the trips provide exposure to parts of the world that are outside of their neighborhood.

Through our partnership with Pathways Travels, our students earn college credits through vital real world experiences that help them better navigate life after graduation.

Traveling By Bus
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