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Learning Support Program

Support for students with learning difficulties and disabilities.

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In our mission to be as inclusive and supportive as possible, The Academy will provide mutually agreed-upon academic support, using students’ pre-established 504 plans, IEPs, and therapist recommendations to provide support in instruction at The Academy.

Participation in the Learning Support Program at Pathways Early College Academy is voluntary and comes with additional program costs for small group and individual instruction.


The following are supports that The Academy may provide upon mutual agreement and proper documentation of student need:


  • Extra time to complete assignments and/or courses

  • Listen to audio recordings instead of reading text

  • Work with fewer items per page or line

  • Work with text in a larger print size

  • Hear instructions spoken aloud

  • Give responses in either spoken or written form 

  • Dictate answers to a scribe or text-to-speech software

  • Capture responses on an audio recorder

  • Use a spelling dictionary or digital spellchecker

  • Use a word processor to type notes or give answers in class

  • Use a calculator or table of “math facts”

  • Extra time to complete a task or a test 

  • Extra time to process spoken information and directions

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Associated costs are $500 per semester for small group instruction and $1000 per semester for individual instruction and curriculum in addition to annual tuition for your state.


As a private school, Pathways Early College Academy students do not have an individual right to free appropriate public education. Therefore, according to 34 C.F.R. Sec. 300.137, the Academy does not adhere to 504 plans, Individualized Education Programs (“IEPs”), or any other academic modifications or accommodations.

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Apply Today

See your student thrive with the appropriate support. We accept students all year, and we are happy to meet with you to talk more about how we can support your student's learning experience.

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