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A Traditional Bachelor’s Degree Takes More Than 4 Years

The average time it takes for a student to graduate with a Bachelor's degree from a traditional university has been on the rise in recent years. This trend is worrying as it increases the financial burden on students and discourages incoming students from applying to college programs.

One of the main reasons for the increase in time to graduation is the rising cost of tuition and fees. As the cost of attending college has risen, many students are forced to take on more debt and work more hours to pay for their education.

In the United States, college tuition has been rising at a rate that is much higher than inflation. According to the College Board, the average cost of tuition and fees at public four-year institutions in the 2020-2021 academic year was $10,560 for in-state students and $26,660 for out-of-state students.

The rising cost of tuition has forced many students to take on more debt to pay for their education. This can make it difficult for them to focus on their studies and graduate in a timely manner. In addition to taking out student loans, many students are also working to afford their degrees.

The number of students who work while in school has been increasing in recent years. According to a report by the Center on Education and the Workforce, about 70% of college students in the United States work while they are enrolled in school. These students are often juggling multiple responsibilities, including working, attending classes, and studying.

Working while in school can make it difficult for students to graduate on time. It can also affect their academic performance and lead to burnout. According to a study by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, students who work more than 20 hours a week are less likely to graduate within six years than those who work less.

Another reason for the extended time it takes for students to graduate with a Bachelor's degree is the lack of student resources, such as individualized academic planning.

Individualized academic planning is an important aspect of ensuring that students graduate on time. This includes helping students choose a major, create a schedule that works for them, and develop a plan to graduate on time. However, many universities lack the resources to provide individualized academic planning for students.

Many universities lack the resources to provide additional student support, such as tutoring, career services, and mental health resources. These resources can be essential for students to succeed academically and graduate on time. Without them, students may struggle academically, leading to delays in graduation.

The longer time to graduation also has a significant impact on the student's future earning potential and career prospects, as they are delayed in entering the workforce.

Pathways Early College Academy's mission is to save families thousands of dollars by combatting this college debt crisis.

At Pathways Early College Academy, students are not forced to follow the traditional pathway in education. Instead of 4 years of high school and 4+ years of college, high school students at The Academy have the opportunity to earn their BA degree in their 4 years of high school.

Students are provided 1:1 support from our teachers to received tutoring, academic guidance, and career coaching to help them succeed in their academics and in life outside of school.

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