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Our Mission

With our revolutionary educational model our high school students can earn a college degree by the time they graduate from high school.

Our graduates will lead the future. 

Early College

Students at The Academy can earn their Associate's or Bachelor's degree by the time they graduate high school. This accelerated pathway is included in our program can save students thousands of dollars in college tuition.

Learning From Home
Online Class

Fully Virtual Education

We are an online high school that accepts 9th-12th grade students. Our online education provides families access to a quality, private school education, no matter where you are.

“What a great concept! Get a high school diploma and a 4 year college degree in 4-5 years and in Arizona ESA covers the tuition. Graduate without debt!”

Graduation Ceremony

"I would definitely recommend [Pathways Early College Academy] as both my boys and I agree, it is the best online school 
they have attended. We appreciate the daily calls that provide a focus and an opportunity to get clarification or individual help, 
as needed. The high teacher to student ratio on the calls is great."

Parent of 2 at The Academy

Strong Student Support 

Students have access to 1:1 daily support for academic planning, career coaching, and executive functioning skills that help set students up for success.

Child Counselor
Girl with DIY Robot

Career Relevant Studies

Students attend our symposiums to gain hands-on experience in industries like STEM, Design, and Business. In symposiums, students will work on real-world projects to build their skills and their resumes.

Self-Paced Programs

Because of our individualized academic programs, students have the opportunity to take charge of their own learning and work towards their goals at their own pace.

Doing Homework
Remote Learning

Affordable Tuition

While private high school has traditionally been unaffordable for most families, we set our tuition far below the average. The total cost of all four years at the Academy is less than one year of private college tuition. Unlike other private schools, we are about accessibility, not exclusivity.

The Current State of Education


This is the cumulative student loan debt in the United States.

When you look at the massive student debt crisis, it is clear that the way we currently do high school and college is unsustainable, inequitable, and unfair. As a result, students are increasingly choosing to avoid college altogether.

Rising College Tuition

Students take an average of 4.5+ years to earn their Bachelor's degree, racking up thousands in student debt. With the rising costs of tuition nationwide, this will only continue to burden students seeking higher education.

Dwindling College Enrollment

Students are choosing to opt out of a college education because of doubt about the financial return of college and an awareness of other career training options outside of traditional degree programs.

Lack of Career Preparation

Recent college graduates are facing difficulties finding employment due to the lack of
career preparation, guidance, and work experience available to them at their traditional university programs.

Our Solution

We are happy to lead the way in changing the educational landscape with our career symposiums, learning support, and college dual enrollment opportunities.

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