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Pathways Early College Academy

Who is PECA?

Pathways Early College Academy is a non-profit private high school designed to provide a quality education with hands-on industry experiences and college level courses and credit.  We partner with Pathways College to bring quality college courses to the academy.

Students can obtain a college degree while going to high school or transfer their college credits and obtain a Bachelor's degree in 1 year at college.


320 N Halstead, Suite 220

Pasadena, CA 91107


Press Release

New High School Where Students can Graduate with a College Degree

Skyrocketing college tuition has put the dream of a college education out of reach for many students and families. Over the past two years college enrollment has declined by more than a million students. While college leaders and politicians debate how to make college more affordable and accessible, a new high school network has just launched with a model that could solve the student debt crisis and change the way we approach college preparation in the US. 


At Pathways Early College Academy (PECA), students can earn their high school diplomas and college degrees at the same time in just 4-5 years. This is possible through a partnership with Pathways College, an accredited non-profit college with an affordable bachelor’s degree that can be earned in under 4 years. Students set their own pace and receive support as they take classes taught by college professors while completing projects that improve their communities. 


PECA’s symposiums combine the best of the Oxford tutorial system with project-based learning. Students select from one of three paths: Design, STEM, or Business. Within these paths the school provides students with knowledge and resources to complete self-directed passion projects independently or in teams. These projects are designed to help students be of service to their communities while also building professional work portfolios so that students are hireable right out of graduation. 

PECA has virtual school options for students in California and Arizona, with a physical center coming to Phoenix in 2023. Tuition includes the cost of college and is set at just $7,000 in 2022, but students in Arizona could attend for free as the state recently expanded Education Savings Accounts to all families in Arizona. PECA is currently accepting their first cohort of students, and families can apply at












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